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What is Asexuality? Know the hidden meaning of an asexual person's feelings

Mohit Mohanan | Updated on: 6 September 2018, 17:29 IST

People can feel everything. It is true. Even if they are stoned or stone-hearted.

People who are capable of having feelings are always loved. But then does that mean who do not get feelings are capable of hatred.

Everyone is capable of love if they are strong enough to feel anything. People think that those who call themselves 'asexual' are not capable of having feelings, however, it is not true just because they are not sexually attracted you cannot judge anyone.

Asexuality is not a disorder, it's completely normal.

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According to the Asexual Visibility and Education Network, these people do not experience sexual attraction. In simple words, they are not attracted to people sexually or romantically and do not have any desire or intentions to act upon that attraction to others in a sexual or romantic way.

Unlike celibacy, (people who abstain themselves from sexual relations), asexuality is an intrinsic part of who we are, just like other sexual orientations.

Now, being asexual does not make our lives any hard, worse or better. It is just a way of living your life without having any romantic or sexual feeling for anyone.

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These people face a different kind of needs and challenges in their lives than most sexual people do.

There is considerable diversity among the asexual community in the needs and experiences often associated with sexuality including relationships, attraction, and arousal.

Asexuality is a growing subject of research in psychology, sexology, and other academic fields. While estimates for the asexual proportion of the population are limited and may vary, the most widely cited figure is that we are roughly 1% of the population.

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Now, asexual people often think that it is very scary as there are chances that no one will accept them.

The feeling and anxiety will always remind you that no one will ever love you in that way, which is kind of sad.

The fact is sexual attraction is just a thing or a part of your life but it’s not everything when it comes to your relationship.

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Now, you might think are those people asexual who have no desire to have sex, but still see other people are attractive? Then the answer is yes ..those people are still asexual.

Now, people have to understand that what is considered to be attractive, and how you appreciate someone's beauty, but that doesn't mean that you want to have physical relations or sex with them.

According to the AVEN, "sexual orientation ultimately comes down to an intrinsic desire for sex with another person. If you don’t experience that, the attraction to others generally isn’t sexual."

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There might be some scenarios where asexual people do have sex but then again it completely depends on the person, because some asexual people do involve in sexual activities just to experience it once or for so many different reasons.

They may choose to have sex for the pleasure of their partner, perhaps to conceive a child, or simply because they want to know what it's like to have sex.

Some asexual people even have continuous sex in a committed relationship, "because of the other elements of bonding and physical stimulation that please them," says AVEN.

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What they feel is this:

1. They may not have sex but still wants to be loved.

2. They don't have any desire to have sex but still see people are attractive.

3. If they once feel sexually attracted towards someone, doesn't mean they want to have sex.

4. They get turned on and probably end up having sex just to experience it once.

5. They can fall in love and may have sex time and again just for their partner.

6. They occasionally masturbate because there is nothing wrong with that.

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