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If you dream about cheating on your partner; then here is what it means

Mohit Mohanan | Updated on: 29 August 2018, 13:45 IST

It often happens to many people when they dream of themselves having sex with someone else even if when they are in a relationship.

You find yourself feeling guilty about it and you should be because it wasn't supposed to happen.

Although, it is not something to be worrying about still it should not have happened in the first place.

But you always think after that dream, what actually happened? What was that dream all about? Why did you even had that dream? Does it mean something?

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A dream in which you imagined yourself having sex or getting intimate with someone else. Someone who isn't your love was not any kind of signal.

You start to think that you need some fresh excitement in your life.

And the thoughts like if you're a bad person keep on pinches you.

The answer to all this question is simply, NO.

You're not a bad person and it is not an indication that you need to move on.

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In fact, dream cheating on your partner is normal and often, has nothing to do with actually wanting to cheat.

According to psychologist Karin Anderson Abrell, Ph.D, she spoke to Cosmopolitan explaining that these dreams can stem from social factors of your day-to-day life - the people you see, things you read, pictures that subliminally catch your eye.

And it's normal for your brain to turn things sexual specially if the person/stranger in question, is hot.

It is not like that you actually want to f*ck or willing to have sex with that person.

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This kind of dream doesn't mean anything.  However, there is one thing.

If you're imagining all the time to have sex with that dream person then YES, you are actually losing interest from your partner.

It should be an accidental dream, not a dream or an imagination that you do on purpose.

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First published: 29 August 2018, 13:45 IST