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Delhi man with no limbs rides two-wheeler, Anand Mahindra offers him job [Watch]

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 28 December 2021, 14:42 IST
Anand Mahindra

Indian billionaire businessman, and the chairman of Mahindra Group Anand Mahindra was left amazed by a Delhi man who didn’t let his disability become a downside, Regardless of being a quadruple amputee, the man was seen riding a two-wheeler in a clip that has gone viral online.

In the video, the man - who is without arms or legs - was seen responding to questions from a bystander. "Scooty ka engine hai (it has the engine of a scooty)," he says of his modified vehicle. At the request of the person filming the video, also demonstrated how he managed to maneuver the vehicle around despite having no limbs.

"I have a wife, two small kid and an elderly father... that's why I go out to make money," the amputee said. He revealed that he has been riding his two-wheeler for five years. On being complimented by the people filming him, he simply smiled and expressed his gratitude to god.

Putting out the video on social media. Anand Mahindra said he did not know where the video was recorded – albeit longer version of the video makes it clear that it was recorded in the national capital, a fact also established by looking at the license plates of other vehicles in the video.

The industrialist commended the man and wrote: "Received this on my timeline today. Don't know how old it is or where it's from, but I'm awestruck by this gentleman who's not just faced his disabilities but is GRATEFUL for what he has."

Furthermore, Anand Mahindra tagged some of his colleague Ram and Mahindra Logistics as he asked: "Ram, can @Mahindralog_MLL make him a Business Associate for last mile delivery?"

Here's the video:


The inspirational clip has cumulated more than 50,000 views on Twitter since being shared this afternoon by Anand Mahindra. Other versions of the clip have been doing the rounds on the Internet for a couple of weeks now.

Anand Mahindra, who has 8.5 million followers on Twitter, often gives shout-outs to indigenous talent. Earlier, he was left awed by a Maharashtra man's modified four-wheeler and offered to gift him a Mahindra Bolero.

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First published: 28 December 2021, 14:42 IST