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Four spine-chilling instances when ghosts saved human lives

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 6 December 2017, 15:10 IST

The word ‘ghost’ is nightmarish to every human being. Since the tender age, we have been scared by the ghost stories narrated by our grandparents or parents. And we tend to believe in this because someone or the other in our life has claimed to experience paranormal activities at least once. On that basis, we do not consider ghosts to be friendly with us but here is a list of real-life incidents that prove that these spirits went to an extent of saving human lives.

This is beyond belief that the ghosts we have always been scared of actually helped people out. We know it is inconceivable to most people, read it yourself, we believe it will convince you too.

1. Dead wife saved husband’s life

This story goes back to the era when people used to ride horses. A man named Charles Henry Durand, who reported to Chicago Tribune, told them that one night when he was returning home a white figure appeared before him and he could hear his late wife’s voice. It whispered to him that he shouldn’t go home now. The next morning when he reached home he noticed that a window was broken; he also found a string which was attached to a gun. If it went off Durand would have been dead.


2. Mother’s ghosts became the savior

This incident took place in 2015, where a mother and a daughter were trapped in a car which was hanging in an icy river, upside down for 14 hours. When rescue team saved the kid they noticed that the mother was already dead. There was no trace anyone else who would have been shouting for help. They believe that it was the ghost of the mother.

3. The saviour

The story prevails in an island of South Carolina, where people claim that a Grey man roams around the beaches and if you see him you will be safe from the hurricane that hits the shore. Does this sound absurd to you? Jim and Clara say otherwise, they actually met the Grey man and their house was the only one which was saved in the hurricane. Rumours are that it is a ghost of a pirate or a young man who died to save her lover.

4. Woman who came back to life

A 50-year-old woman, Sonia Burton died for 56 minutes. The woman claims that she died of heart attack and then came back to life after her late husband visited her and said that it was not her time to go, she should go back to her children.

Ghosts don’t seem that bad after all, right?

First published: 6 December 2017, 15:10 IST