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India Lockdown: Women bear the brunt as ‘domestic violence’ cases rise due to coronavirus lockdown

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 4 April 2020, 16:50 IST
‘domestic violence’ cases rise

As the number of cases rose in India due to the Coronavirus outbreak, PM Narendra Modi announced 21 days nation-wide lockdown to curb the deadly virus. People were asked to stay back home and isolate themselves from others. This practice did bring the rate of Coronavirus cases down, however, it raised the cases of domestic violence.

Due to the nationwide lockdown, other crimes have subsided comparatively however it has given grave trouble to the women. As per the National Commission for Women, there has been a huge uptick in the number of domestic violence cases.

The data released by them said that a total of 257 complaints have been received related to various offences against the women from 24th March-1st April. Among these complaints, 69 are related to domestic violence. Since the lockdown, there is an increase in number as in the first week of March there was 111 complaint while by the end of the month it was over 250.

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Rekha Sharma, Chairperson of NCW said that the actual number of cases is much higher as there are women who don’t report such incidents. They are afraid that if they file a complaint against their husband then their in-laws will torture them or when their husbands will come out of jail then he will torture them again and this time mercillesly.

She continued that due to the lockdown women who are suffering this is unable to reach to police, however, they are in touch with these complainants.

Well, this situation is not just in India but all over the world. In France, the cases of domestic violence have risen by 32 per cent while in Paris alone it has risen to 36 per cent since the lockdown was imposed on 17th March.

In Spain the cases have risen by 12 per cent, however, more than calling on helpline number women are sending SOS messages and emails as they are afraid to call on helpline from home.

Well, this is a serious issue apart from Coronavirus the world is facing. Police and the other organisations are doing their bit to resolve the cases of domestic violence and curb this practice.

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First published: 4 April 2020, 16:50 IST