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Watch out for these 5 recruitment trends in 2018!

News Agencies | Updated on: 20 December 2017, 16:33 IST

Every year there are multiple number of students passing out from colleges and institutes and the demand for employment is increasing stupendously.

The talent acquisition and recruitment are the priorities of the organizations not only in 2017, but also in the coming 2018. In the recent past, recruiters are hiring employees in bulk and on the other hand, firing for cost-cutting despite various funding from the outside.

There is a job shortage in India, not because of less organization or companies, but because of rising competition in terms of skills and experience. This has resulted in recruiters looking for a right candidate for the profile.

The year 2018 will have some recruitment trends which recruiters should work upon in order to hire the best and suitable candidate that will boost the growth of the organization too.

Vidur Gupta, Director Spectrum Talent Management - Global Recruitment firm lists some new recruitment trends that will be trending in 2018:

Unconscious Bias

Recruiters, unconsciously and unknowingly consider applicants on the basis of sex, race or age despite being impartially evaluating the candidate's skills, tasks and competencies. To do away with unconscious bias decision, the recruiters moving towards text messages instead of phone calls for the recruitment process. This helps to disclose candidate's identity such as name and gender and there is also no voice recognition, creating a canvas between a recruiter and the candidate. This will make the recruiter's decision bias and the focus will be on the right applicant for the job.

Marketing Business

The employees can now select their organization or jobs as per their needs, culture and company's reputation. For this, the recruiters should look into marketing their business that will attract more applicants. They should promote the job, positions not only for the sake of hiring a candidate, but also as a product through videos, photographs, documents and presentations. They should also build a strong employment brand that will let the candidate consider the company. This can further improve the overall quality of the hiring process as well as reduce cost per hire.

HR or Workforce Analytics

In order to advance business performance, recruiters must invest in HR analytics which will lead to higher sales growth and higher sales per employee. It can improve policy, showcase insights on everything from hiring needs to candidate attraction and even provide an evidence-based perspective on challenges within the organization. In 2018, the recruiters should focus on employees who are willing to learn and accept new ideas, starting small projects and moving to a big one, nurture relationships with other business like finance or IT. Workforce analytics can help HR develop strategies to that lead to employees' leaving the organization, which is a key to organization stability and growth.

Digital Tools for Recruitment

The country is getting more advanced day by day as new digital tools and technologies are coming up that transform employee's daily activities. These digital tools are user-friendly that meets the needs of organizations and investing in these tools and strategies will witness a rise in 2018. This will, furthermore, will reduce time to spend on developing key strategies and help grow their organization.

Employee Experience

These days millennials prefer working in an organization that has culture and employee engagement activities such as offices equipped with sports like table tennis, gyms, and other refreshments. This has led the companies to invest in such work environment as employee experience is much more important than culture and engagement.

Despite all this, there is no surety what the recruitment trends in 2018 will be however, studies and reports sight digital tools, the employee experience, and the rise of workforce analytics are some of the major trends for 2018. The technology, on the other hand, will continue to impact the recruitment process and to grow further, recruiters should prepare themselves and their organizations for the next year. These are just a few trends that will impact recruiter and HR professionals in 2018 however, the New year will surely bring some more exciting and advanced trends. 


First published: 20 December 2017, 16:33 IST