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Scary! Python vomits out dog after devouring it; video will give you goosebumps

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 2 August 2021, 13:10 IST
Screenshot from the viral video

In the horrifying footage, a huge python can be seen vomiting out a dog after he swallowed it. The video was shared by an Indian Forest Officer named Akash K Verma on his official Twitter handle.

In the video, the villagers can be seen standing near the python which has devoured the dog.

One of the onlookers tried to capture the snake by holding its tail while other villagers were gathering around the snake.

The villagers managed to capture the moment when the reptile opened its mouth wide to release the body of the stray dog, which had been swallowed by the python previously.

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IFS officer captioned the video, “This Python hunted a dog near a village when it was sighted. Soon, onlookers gathered and disturbed to the extent that it vomited the devoured dog. Sad incident- for dog & Python both. So many flaws here.”

Check out video:


Meanwhile, the scary footage has gone viral on social media. Netizens were left shocked after watching the visual and many people slammed the villagers for not handling the situation in a good way.
One of the users wrote, “Villagers are educated enough to make videos, WhatsApp, SM etc but ignorant about behaviour with these creatures. Punishment is must, education and awareness will follow sooner then.”

“Very unfortunate and sad. We need to further strengthen and continue our efforts to bring awareness especially while dealing with such situations,” another commented.

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First published: 2 August 2021, 12:38 IST