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Kejriwal is surrounded by sycophants, says senior AAP leader Mayank Gandhi

Manoj Kumar Rohilla | Updated on: 13 February 2017, 5:15 IST

The Aam Aadmi Party has dissolved its Maharashtra unit. The party's senior leader from the state and member of the national executive, Mayank Gandhi, has called it an "abrupt decision".

You have been quoted in the media saying that AAP has become 'Kejriwal's party'. What led you to make these allegations?

I have been misquoted. But it is true that the party no longer listens to those working with the people. The voices of workers and leaders are increasingly being ignored as Kejriwal is being surrounded by chaplus (sycophants) who finally call the shots and dissenting voices are muzzled.

Did you ever communicate your concerns to Kejriwal and other party leaders through proper channels?

Leaders in Delhi don't listen to us. All our calls, emails and SMS' are being ignored. Now they have dissolved the Maharashtra unit which is completely wrong.

Why have your blamed your party colleague Preeti Sharma Menon for the developments in Maharashtra?

She is the one who used to go to Delhi and give incorrect briefings. Our concerns were never addressed by the party. Again, this is not about one person giving out wrong information. Sadly, there is no mechanism which allowed us to be heard.

Do you think this is an effort to sideline you and your supporters?

I have not been sidelined. I am a National Executive Member of the party and still hold the position. I am not fighting for any post. I just want workers at the grass root level to have a say. But that is not happening, which forced me to air my opinion.

You have alleged that chaplusi has become a norm. Now, are your days in AAP numbered? Do you have any other plans?

I will keep fighting, no matter what. But one thing is very clear - it is either AAP for me or nothing. I won't join or form any other party or front. If they throw me out, I will go home and bid good bye to politics.

I joined AAP because of certain principles and you won't see me compromising on those.

First published: 2 October 2015, 6:11 IST
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