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Pakistan opposition raises questions over Imran Khan's relief package

News Agencies | Updated on: 7 November 2021, 10:37 IST
Imran Khan

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Vice President Sherry Rehman on Saturday questioned Prime Minister Imran Khan's relief package and said that she rejects the latest increase in the prices of petroleum products, local media reported.

Rehman questioned how a relief package that amounts to just Rs 5 a day for only 20 million people will put a dent in any household's financial stress, Dawn reported.

According to the Pakistani publication, Rehman regretted that days after announcing a "so-called relief package", the government dropped a petrol bomb at midnight, imposing yet another hike in petrol prices by a whopping Rs 8.14 per litre.

She pointed out that for the third consecutive month, the price of petrol has beaten all previous records and is now at Rs 145.8 per litre. This is the first time in Pakistan's history that prices of all petroleum products have gone above Rs 110 per litre. This has a clear impact on the prices of goods across every sector.

She said due to constant spikes in food inflation, the price of cooking oil has gone up by 130 per cent. "Who can cook anymore in Naya Pakistan? With gas tariff going up by 300 pc who can afford to use their stoves? It is now just a matter of time before a humanitarian disaster unfolds in Pakistan this winter," Rehman noted.

"The petrol bomb is going to increase prices across all sectors and saying that oil prices in the region have increased is a false response; when PPP was facing double the global oil prices, we managed to keep the domestic petrol prices less than half of what it is now. So that argument holds no water with anyone," said Rehman.

On Wednesday, Imran Khan announced "country's biggest-ever" subsidy package worth Rs 120 billion, providing 30 per cent discount on ghee, flour and pulses to support 130 million people by ebbing away from the impact of inflation.

Meanwhile, a multi-party opposition alliance - Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) on Saturday decided to hold country-wide anti-inflation protests against Prime Minister Imran Khan-led Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government.


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First published: 7 November 2021, 10:37 IST