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Pakistan Interior Minister calls former Imran Khan govt 'incompetent mob'

News Agencies | Updated on: 24 April 2022, 11:23 IST
Rana Sanaullah

Accusing the former Imran Khan government of fostering corruption in Pakistan, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah on Saturday said that the country has been ruled by an incompetent mob for the last three and a half years, reported local media.

Noting that corruption was rampant in postings and transfers during the previous government's tenure, Sanaullah said that the Imran Khan government has done nothing but corruption, propaganda and politics of revenge, reported The News International.

Stressing that the incumbent government does not believe in taking revenge, the minister said that Imran Khan would be held accountable for all this. He further said that the former premier not only destabilised the national economy but also ruined the country.

Sanaullah claimed that Imran Khan, who had lost his credibility, would now be rejected in the next general elections as well.

Earlier while addressing the media on Friday, the minister called Imran Khan an arrogant person who had cheated his loyalists because of which his supporters rejected him in the assembly.

He further said that Khan had adopted the politics of victimisation and used negative propaganda against his political opponents just for his nefarious designs. "However, we will not victimise anyone or put him or her in jail in revenge," the media outlet quoted him as saying.

Holding Khan responsible for inflation, unemployment and poverty in Pakistan, Sanaullah said that Khan befooled the people by trumping a tune that he would establish a new welfare state like Riyasat-e-Madina.

He claimed that Khan rose to power as an outcome of rigging and the "ineligible" remained in power for the last three and a half years. Imran and his team badly failed to serve the masses, rather they put their entire energies on corruption, negative propaganda and victimisation of their political opponents, he said.

Calling out Imran Khan for his "pretence" of a US conspiracy to topple his government, the interior minister said that there was no need for any conspiracy to end his government as his supporters were already miffed with him due to his bad deeds, according to the media outlet.


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First published: 24 April 2022, 11:23 IST