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Pak PM Imran Khan says, Failure to form inclusive govt will lead to civil war in Afghanistan

News Agencies | Updated on: 22 September 2021, 10:20 IST

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed that failure to form an inclusive government in Afghanistan may lead to civil war in the country.

He also reiterated the Taliban to form a government that respect human rights, and ensure Afghanistan's soil is not used to house terrorists that could be a threat to Pakistan's security, reported Geo News.

"If they do not include all the factions [in the government] sooner or later they will have a civil war. That would mean an unstable, chaotic, Afghanistan and an ideal place for terrorists. That is a worry," Khan said during an interview with UK media.

PM's remarks came at a time when Pakistan itself is being slammed by the international community for not safeguarding the interest of minorities in the country.

In a recent attack on minorities in Pakistan, a Hindu temple in Bhong town in Rahim Yar Khan was vandalised. The videos of attack and vandalism went viral and were picked up by both local and international media, reported The Nation.

Meanwhile, reports also suggest that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government has failed miserably to uphold the security of women in the country.

As per the reporters, nearly 6,754 women were abducted in the country's Punjab province in the first half of 2021. Out of that, 1890 women were raped, 3721 were tortured whereas 752 children were raped.

The Sustainable Social Development Organization (SSDO) has released an investigation report on incidents of violence against women and children in Punjab and Islamabad during the first half of 2021, Dunya News said.

In Islamabad, there were nearly 34 official incidents of rape while 27 incidents were reported in the media. The number of official incidents of violence recorded in Punjab was 3,721, but only 938 cases were reported in the media, Dunya News said.


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First published: 22 September 2021, 10:20 IST