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China, India pose no threat to each other, shouldn't allow differences to shadow bilateral cooperation: Chinese envoy

News Agencies | Updated on: 29 May 2020, 19:15 IST

Amid the stand-off between the two countries in eastern Ladakh region, Chinese Ambassador to India Sun Weidong on Wednesday said they pose no threat to each other and should resolve their differences through communication while not allowing them to overshadow bilateral relations.

The envoy noted that China and India offer mutual opportunities. He also called for increasing strategic mutual trust. "We should never let differences overshadow our relations. We should resolve differences through communication," Sun said.

Speaking at a webinar here organised by the Confederation of Young Leaders, he also said that China has made "great progress" in vaccine research and development in the fight against COVID-19 and, when developed, it would be accessible to developing countries. He said that China did not cover up anything concerning coronavirus.

Sun said that from any perspective, "China and India should be good neighbours of harmonious coexistence and good partners to move forward hand in hand."

"We should adhere to the basic judgment that China and India are each other's opportunities and pose no threat to each other. We need to see each other's development in a correct way and enhance strategic mutual trust. We should correctly view our differences and never let the differences shadow the overall situation of bilateral cooperation. At the same time, we should gradually seek understanding through communication and constantly resolve differences," he said.

Sun said the realisation of 'Dragon and Elephant dancing together' is the only right choice for China and India, which serves the fundamental interests of the two countries and their people.

The remarks have come at a time when there is border tension between the two countries in eastern Ladakh and efforts are on to defuse the situation.

There was also a face-off between troops of two countries in Sikkim. The remarks are also being seen as an indication of de-escalation of tension in the coming days.

Talking about the allegation that China is hiding the epidemic situation and COVID-19 virus originated from Wuhan lab, the Chinese envoy said that all need to be highly vigilant of 'political virus' which seeks opportunity to attack China.

"As countries unite to fight the epidemic, many conspiracy theories also appear, such as 'China concealing epidemic situation' and 'virus originating from Wuhan lab.' We need to be highly vigilant that the 'political virus' is jumping at any opportunity to attack and slander China. We did not cover up anything, and did not delay any efforts," he said.

He said as two major emerging economies, China and India should strengthen practical cooperation in investment, production capacity and other fields, and expand the cake of common interests. "China hopes to develop itself and India as well. The two countries should help each other to accomplish their respective goals and `light up' each other," he said.

Sun hoped that the youth of the two countries would realize the importance of developing China-India relations and deepen understanding of the important consensus reached by two leaders of two countries.

"I hope the youth of China and India will contribute more wisdom and strength to promoting China-India friendship and the development of bilateral relations," he said.

Sun gave suggestions to foster partnership.

The Chinese envoy said the two countries are fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and they have "important task" to consolidate relations.

He noted that the Indian government took decisive measures to contain the spread of coronavirus and the support of people had played a big role in controlling the spread of the disease.

He also wished India an early victory in the battle against coronavirus. Sun said China has simultaneously promoted vaccine research and development through five technical routes.

"At present, China has made great progress in vaccine research and development. China has simultaneously promoted vaccine research and development through five technical routes. It is reported that eight novel coronavirus vaccine candidates are in the clinical trial, four from China," he said.

"On May 22, the Chinese team led by Chen Wei, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, published a report on the world-known medical journal Lancet. The phase-1 trial results of their vaccine candidate on humans prove to be safe and effective. This result is encouraging," he added.

He recalled that President Xi Jinping had said that China will ensure that the vaccine, once developed, would be accessible and affordable for developing countries.

He said China had taken "four early" and "four concentrated" measures in its fight against coronavirus and tried to achieve the goal of "testing all who need to be tested, hospitalisation of all who need to be hospitalised, isolating and treating all who need to be isolated and treated."

Sun said that more than 340 medical teams of 42,000 medical workers across the country and half a million volunteers went to Hubei to fight the epidemic. The coronavirus originated in Hubei province of China.

Spelling out "four early" "four concentrated" measures, he said it means "early detection, early reporting, early isolation and early treatment" and "concentration of the infected, experts, resources and treatment."


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First published: 29 May 2020, 19:15 IST