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Some fake facts about your phone battery that you believe easily

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 10 February 2018, 14:43 IST

In the last few decades, we have seen the commendable changes in our mobile phones. As you all have seen the features of your phones getting upgraded and also available in the market with a variety of mobile versions. People used to buy the phones according to the features of smartphones. Besides the features of your mobiles, have you ever thought about the battery which is also upgraded according to the features of the phones?

Many of you think about the battery and some of you not. But most of you getting advise from your near and dear ones for your mobile battery. Some myths have been created by the users regarding the batteries that if you do like that then it may cause harm to it or may also get a blast. Likewise, many other myths are there which makes the users panic while using the phone.

We could only give you some facts that you should know before listening to the fake word of mouth:

Don't charge your phone overnight:

This common myth you have listened to everyone that not to charge your phone at night. But, nowadays smartphones having an inbuilt circuit.

Don't use the phone while charging:


You have also heard from your friends that don't use a mobile phone while charging because it may get a blast. But in reality, this is a myth as using the phone on charger can create a problem in hardware or mobile software.

Don't install many applications:

This is also a fake fact that people commonly say that do not fill your mobile with the apps it may finish your phone batteries. In reality, app installation has no relation to the battery unless you don't open those apps again and again.

4G network exhaust phone battery:

It is also a word of mouth that 4G, a fast network may exhaust your phone battery. It's not true, neither 4G or 3G network connection matters, if the network quality is good then it's natural that battery will finish up.

Don't charge the phone with a laptop:


Yes, this is also a fake fact if someone says you about this then tell them that there is no effect on mobile phone's battery. Because it is only the speed which gets slow if we charge from laptop.

First published: 10 February 2018, 14:23 IST