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Bose launches Google Assistant enabled earphones for gizmo freaks

News Agencies | Updated on: 2 November 2017, 19:47 IST

Leading audio equipment company Bose has announced the launch of its iconic headphones QC35 II.

The product will be the first headphone to offer seamless voice access to one's Google Assistant.

The QC35 II noise-cancelling headphones have all the performance and features of the original QC35.

Supporting and delivering the same industry-defining noise cancellation, audio performance, and up to 20 hours of battery life, the headphones come with settings to control the external noise.

The controls on the right earcups are similar to the original QC35, which include an audio volume button, and the multi-function button for incoming calls and accessing Siri.

The new action button on the left earcup to connect to one's Google Assistant, without having to grab one's phone and finding the app.

"The QC35 is already the world's most celebrated wireless headphone, and a survival tool for modern life," said Director, Bose on-the-go products, Brian Maguire.

"We didn't change anything that people already love - with Google Assistant built-in, and new choices for what you hear, we made it better," added Maguire.

Bose and Google worked together on the exclusive experience in the QC35 II, making it the first integration of Google Assistant in a headphone.

All one needs to do is press and hold the action button, and their own personal Google will be ready to help - no waiting, looking, swiping, or typing.

The personal assistant will help one manage their music and get things done; like play a playlist or a favourite song by a favourite artist, and add appointments to Google calendar.

It can also help one stay connected; from simple things like making a call, to notification about incoming messages, events and reminders.

Moreover, the gadget can also answer questions and find information; the latest headlines, whether one's flight is on time, and the list of movies playing downtown, etc.

Bose's proprietary microphone system picks-up voices with remarkable accuracy, so that commands are understood. And in a fraction of a millisecond, Bose active noise cancellation dramatically eliminates unwanted sounds.

Like its predecessor, the QC35 II's noise cancellation is fully activated when the headphone is on, but the Bose Connect App now also lets one choose to keep it on (high), turn it down (low), or disable it completely (off).

The Connect App lets one change the action button's functionality, so one can control the noise settings from the earcup when they want, and switch back to their Google Assistant when they want.

The QC35 II noise cancelling headphones will be available in black and silver, priced at Rs. 29,363.

The headphones will be sold at Bose retail stores, Boseindia.com and authorised Bose dealers.


First published: 2 November 2017, 19:47 IST