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Stop Using Elections as an Excuse for Your Negligence

Catch Team | Updated on: 20 June 2024, 22:28 IST

Satna (Madhya Pradesh): The Additional Collector scolded the company officials for delaying the canal construction project, citing elections as the reason. The Additional Collector, Swapanil Wanakhede, rebuked the company officials, saying, "What do you people have to do with the elections? You don't have any duty, and there is no restriction on your work during the elections. Yet, you're not able to mark the boundaries of the land to be acquired, and the revenue department is unable to determine the value of the land and properties."

The company officials blamed the delay on the elections, which the Additional Collector strongly objected to. The authorities stated that the company is not lining the canal, which is causing further delays. The Additional Collector warned the company officials, saying, "I want this work to be completed within a month. You and the revenue department must coordinate and complete the work within the timeline. No excuses will be entertained this time. If there's any negligence, action will be taken."

During the review meeting, the Additional Collector expressed discontent over the pending cases in different tehsils. He directed the officials to complete the work within a week. The Additional Collector also warned the Revenue Department to determine the cases of irrigated and non-irrigated lands in a way that does not lead to disputes. A team was formed to resolve the disputed cases within a specific timeframe.

The meeting was attended by the officials from the Revenue Department, including Sudhir Bek, ML Tiwari, and the SDMs and Tehsildars of the concerned tehsils. The Additional Collector also expressed dissatisfaction with the delay in providing information and warned the officials of strict action if they failed to comply with the deadline.

First published: 20 June 2024, 22:28 IST