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Ration Card Hassle: biometric verification becomes a burden

Catch Team | Updated on: 13 June 2024, 17:26 IST

Jodhana, Jodhpur (Rajasthan) : The Rajasthan government has issued orders to make the ration card e-KYC to bring transparency to the food security system, with a deadline of June 30. However, beneficiaries are facing difficulties in getting their KYC done. As a result, they are demanding an extension of the deadline and the installation of biometric machines at each panchayat headquarters.

The Problem

To get their ration card e-KYC done, beneficiaries have to get their entire family's fingers scanned at the ration shop's POS machine. However, most family members do not have updated Aadhaar cards, and updating Aadhaar requires an Aadhaar registration machine, which is not available in the entire Awuu sub-division.

Economic Loss

Applicants are incurring economic losses to get their Aadhaar updated. In Awuu sub-division, there is no Aadhaar registration machine, and the machines that come from other places only come for one or two days a week, resulting in long queues and many people not getting their turn.

Ikbal Khan, an e-Mitra operator in Awuu, said, "I have a registered Aadhaar machine at my e-Mitra center, which comes from another place once a week. Since we don't have a machine in our tehsil, it's causing problems for villagers."

Residents Face Trouble

Pali Vishnoi, a resident of Manavda, said, "I have been trying to get my four children's Aadhaar updated for the past two days, but due to the crowd, I haven't got my turn yet."

Moola Ram Dhooli, a resident of Denuk, said, "I came to Awuu from Denuk with my four children, but due to the crowd, my children's turn hasn't come yet, and I have to return empty-handed."

Raghunath Vishnoi, an information program operator in Awuu, said, "New Aadhaar cards are being issued in Delhi, but the application process has not been activated online in our district. Once it is activated, we will start taking applications."

First published: 13 June 2024, 17:26 IST