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Millennium-2 Market Sealed, Thousands of Traders in Distress

Catch Team | Updated on: 18 June 2024, 21:49 IST

Surat (Gujarat): The responsibility of the current situation cannot be determined, but one thing is certain - in the last 10 days, thousands of textile traders in the Millennium-2 Market have suffered massive business losses. If the situation persists, they will have to bear the brunt of the short wedding season and may struggle to pay GST and other dues.

The Surat Municipal Corporation's fire department issued a closure notice to Millennium-2 Market on June 7, citing repeated fires and electrical issues. The market was sealed, causing inconvenience to thousands of traders and over 4,000 workers and other individuals associated with them.

Business Loss Estimates

According to traders, each of the over 600 textile traders in the market sells at least 15 parcels daily, with each parcel worth ₹40,000. This translates to a daily loss of ₹6 lakh per trader, resulting in a total loss of ₹36 crore for all traders. With the market sealed for 10 days, the total loss has exceeded ₹30 crore.

Over 4,000 People Affected

On average, each trader has 6-7 staff members, including tailors, packers, and other workers, totalling over 4,000 individuals. With the market still closed, these workers are facing increased difficulties. All of them are connected to the market traders and are struggling to find alternative employment.

Growing Anger Among Traders

Traders are growing increasingly frustrated as they are unable to resume their business. A meeting was held on Monday at Millennium-4 Market, where it was decided that traders would meet with the MLA, Fossta, and other officials to discuss the issue and submit a letter to the Municipal Commissioner on Tuesday. During the meeting, traders will demand the removal of elevations, completion of necessary paperwork, and other issues.

Police Presence Aggravates Frustration

Traders complained that they needed to open their shops to file returns and perform other essential tasks. When they gathered at the market a day or two ago, they were prevented from entering by police personnel already present at the site. The administration's actions have only fueled traders' anger. There are whispers that ego clashes or high-level politics may be contributing to the situation, but it is the ordinary textile traders who are suffering.

Worse Situation in Other Markets

Meanwhile, Shri Om Textile Market, Hira-Panna Textile Market, and Asian Textile Market in Mota Begumwadi have been closed for 20 days, affecting 300-400 traders.

First published: 18 June 2024, 21:49 IST