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Cadbury Workers Go on Strike, Protest Outside Factory Gate

Catch Team | Updated on: 15 June 2024, 19:43 IST

Bhind (Madhya Pradesh): The discontent among workers in the industrial area of Malanpur is on the rise. On the fourth day, Friday, Cadbury factory workers went on strike and held a peaceful protest outside the factory gate. Around 200 workers who were supposed to work in the morning shift from 6 am to 9 am refused to work. Despite the manager's efforts to reason with them, the workers did not budge. Upon receiving information, police personnel arrived at the scene and brought the situation under control.

Private company employees have threatened to protest until June 17 against the management's decision to stay the wage hike in court and the government's new notification.

Security Tightened

To ensure security, SP Dr. Asit Yadav has deployed police personnel outside Malanpur factories. On Thursday, workers announced that they would continue their agitation after a meeting. Following this, Cadbury workers staged a peaceful protest to convey their message to the government. The protesting workers claim that in April 2024, the government had ordered a 25% wage hike, which was stayed by the management in court. Now, the government has issued a new notification with a minimal wage increase, which benefits industrialists at the cost of workers' rights.

First published: 15 June 2024, 19:43 IST