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Viral: Adorable dog acts as 'nanny', stops baby from crawling out [WATCH]

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 31 March 2023, 16:04 IST
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When we pet a dog, it becomes a part of the family. The furry pooch not only eats and hangs out with us, but also takes care and protects other family members in its own way.

And when a baby joins the family, these pooches become extra protective of them. Don’t believe us? Well, we have a video to prove it.

In the video, a dog can be seen passing the time and scratching itself until a baby crawls by. The dog immediately goes into alert mode and starts watching the baby's movements. When the baby moves towards the door, the doggo tries to stop him with a little push and sits in front of the door. When the stubborn baby still moves forward and almost goes out of the door, the dog pushes the baby in with its mouth and sits in front of the door so that its little 'human' wouldn't go out. The adorable clip ends with the baby petting the dog.

Watch here.

The clip was shared on Twitter by an account named @cctvidiots with the caption, ‘Nanny’.

Since being shard the clip has accumulated over 97,000 views and more than 2,200 likes. Twitter users, in one voice, praised the doggo for its alertness and care.

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First published: 31 March 2023, 16:04 IST