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Mann Ki Baat: I learnt faith and fearlessness from Chandrayaan- 2, says PM Modi

News Agencies | Updated on: 28 July 2019, 13:25 IST

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his monthly radio address Mann Ki Baat on Sunday lauded the successful launch of the Chandrayaan-2 mission, a thoroughly Indian mission in heart and spirit and said he hoped it will inspire the country's youth towards science and innovation.

In his second radio address after becoming Prime Minister for the second term, Narendra Modi said, "Chandrayaan 2 is Indian to the core. It is thoroughly Indian in heart and spirit. It is completely a swadeshi, homegrown mission."

He said he had learned the lessons of "faith and fearlessness" from the mission to the moon.

"This mission is special on many counts. But if you ask me what two greatest lessons I have learned from Chandrayaan 2, I shall say they are Faith and Fearlessness. We should trust our talents, capacities."

"We are now expectantly waiting for the month of September when Lander Vikram and Rover Pragyan will land on Lunar surface," he said.

The Prime Minister further said, "I fervently hope that Chandrayaan 2 mission will inspire our youth towards Science and Innovation. Afterall science is a path of development towards."

Praising the country's scientists PM Modi said, "My dear countrymen, I strongly believe that you would have felt immensely proud about India's achievement beyond the skies in outer space. The successful launch by our scientists despite the early setback is unprecedented."

"We should never lose hope in the face of stumbling blocks or obstacles," he added in reference to the launch of the moon mission.

On July 22, India created history by successfully launching the country's second indigenous Chandrayaan II mission to the Moon, which injected the spacecraft into the Earth's orbit a week after its lift-off was aborted due to a technical glitch.

Chandrayaan II, which will explore a region of the Moon where no mission has ever set foot, was launched at 2.43 pm from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, situated in south coastal Andhra Pradesh.


First published: 28 July 2019, 13:25 IST