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Women's Day? Video #WomenNotObjects shows how messed up ads are

Trinaa Prasad | Updated on: 14 February 2017, 5:29 IST

When ad executive Madonna Badger searched for the phrase 'objectification of women' online, the results were as she thought they would be.

For centuries now, women have been objectified in ads to sells everything from deodorants to cars, from food to even home appliances. For the copywriters of the world and their clients, the easiest resource available for selling a product is apparently the female body.

This particular video in question presents pictorial evidence of adverts that present women as nothing but objects of sexual desire. Presumably for a target audience of men who do not use their brains to purchase goods. From an awkwardly placed sandwich to women in bikinis endorsing an automobile, the adverts are a dime a dozen and pretty distasteful.

Before one of you accuse us of reading too much into things, as 'women are wont to do', let's talk about the state of advertisements in India. Can you name a single perfume or deodorant ad that does not show a skimpily clad woman going a bit cross-eyed and loony when a man cares enough to apply a bit of antiperspirant? Remember Katrina Kaif's soft drink commercial? What's up with that?

But while the campaign, #WomanNotObjects means well, we have to acknowledge that this is real life. This attempt to humanise women, instead of hyper-sexualising them in a world where models used as food trays in restaurants is becoming a trend, is designed to fail.

First published: 26 January 2016, 6:36 IST