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Let these 10 Instagram posts convince you that Halloween makeup is now an art form

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 10 February 2017, 1:46 IST

Just before All Saints Day, falls Halloween. The spooky festival takes inspiration from the ancient Celtic festival, Samhain. But the history lies forgotten, and what everyone remembers instead is that ghouls and witches, vampires and werewolves, zombies and banshees come a-knocking during Halloween.

It is nearly impossible to watch an American sitcom without coming across one Halloween episode, or several. It may seem like an odd thing to celebrate, but hey! As long as everyone's having fun, right? Halloween is when the entire family comes together to dress up in their gross-best. And the kids of the neighbourhood take this opportunity to add to their candy stock by trick-or-treating. There's costume, drama and food. What more could one possibly need, you ask? Makeup. No, seriously. In the list of fascinating art forms of the world, we really need to add 'Halloween makeup'.

Don't believe us? Let these makeup experts convince you:

Two-Face, you beauty.

Sun & Moon🌙🌟 Using @mehronmakeup Paradise Paints, @pasteldreamsuk Contacts, and @dodolashes💙💛

A photo posted by Ellie H-M (@ellie35x) on

Black Widow, that you?

SPIDER 🕷 DAY 22 • This one is 100% inspired by @ellie35x It was very difficult for me to do as I hate spiders more than anything 😖 Products used: @katvondbeauty Shade + Light Eye Palette @urbandecaycosmetics Naked 2 Basic 'Undone' @maccosmetics Chromacake 'Pure White' and 'Black Black' @kryolanofficial Black Liquid Liner @jeffreestarcosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick 'Mannequin' @loraccosmetics Front of the Line 'Black' #makeup #makeupartist #art #artist #mua #creative #creepy #scary #31daysofhalloween #london #spider #aracnofobia #halloween #halloweenmakeup #katvond #katvondbeauty #urbandecay #maccosmetics #kryolan #jeffreestarcosmetics #lorac #selfie #saramariarosenkilde #inspiration #ellie35x #notsclera #goals #fobia

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New dedication level = Halloween makeup

How can we be worthy of this?

Stay away from me, bro

Creepy AND beautiful. How?

Art is found in life and death. The conclusion of my neon skull series. I'm so happy with how this all came out. Major props to @rebeccaseals for shooting this and staying up with me to get it done. 💀💖 FACE: primed with @makeupforeverofficial Hydrating primer. @nyxcosmetics "Milk" jumbo pencil as a base with "Slate"jumbo pencil for shading and @makeupforeverofficial White Aqua Pencil XL for white detailing and the black pencil for a black base with @suvabeauty Black eyeshadow from their pro palette to matteify it. @danessa_myricks "Synergy" Illuminator over top for the luminescence. @katvondbeauty "Trooper" tattoo liner for tiny black detailing. The neon drips are @makeupforeverofficial flash palette with @meltcosmetics Radioactive Stack over top (pink and yellow). I also used @toofaced Better Than Sex mascara. BODY: @makeupforeverofficial flash palette with @suvabeauty Hydra Liners for the drips (I don't know the names because @rebeccaseals applied them) HAIR: @arcticfoxhaircolor custom mix.

A photo posted by Sarah McG (@sarahmcgbeauty) on


So good, it's given me a headache

Shy little Alien 👽

A photo posted by Ellie H-M (@ellie35x) on

What a beautiful skeleton

💀 by @giamariewaits #alternativexfashion

A photo posted by Alternative Fashion ♡ (@alternativexfashion) on

What is this sorcery?

🕷Arachnid Queen🕷

A photo posted by Ellie H-M (@ellie35x) on

First published: 22 October 2016, 4:15 IST