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100-year-old man refuses to quit, works three days a week; here's his inspiring story

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 24 June 2022, 15:27 IST
David Flucker

An inspiring story of a 100-year-old man who refusus to bow down and works three days a week has left people both amused and motivated. Uploaded on Facebook, the post talks about how the elderly man is also an inspiration for many. You may find yourself smiling about knowing more about this wonderful centenarian.

The post shared on the Facebook page of Ocean Terminal Shopping Centre where the man works. “David Flucker, a very inspirational volunteer at the St Columba's Hospice Care shop, is celebrating his 100th birthday on June 22nd and the store is marking this occasion with a window display that tells of his life over the last 100 years! David is a well-known face in the store, where he volunteers three days a week keeping busy counting jigsaw pieces, mending toys, steaming clothes, chatting to customers and many other things besides! He also builds model railways and model ships,” the organisation wrote.

In the caption, the shopping centre added a few more details giving a sneak peak at the man’s extraordinary journey. “Born in Newhaven; over the course of his life, David has lived in Australia and South Africa, and flew with the RAF in North Africa in the Second World War, where he survived a plane crash. Even approaching his 100th birthday, David says that he has no intention to stop volunteering, and that the quiet life isn’t for him,” they said.

The post is complete with an image that shows the elderly man standing in front of the display created for him. 

The post was shared a few days back. Since being uploaded, it has accumulated around 500 likes. The post has also prompted people from all around the world to write various comments.

“Happy birthday David. You look amazing , a great role model. Will pop in at the stop to congratulate you on person,” wrote a Facebook user. “Happy birthday wow amazing,” posted another. “What an incredible man. Happy birthday David!” expressed a third.

What do you think about the man?

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First published: 24 June 2022, 15:27 IST