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4 chilling personal accounts of students from haunted colleges campuses and hostels

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Most college campuses come with their own set of horror stories and spooky legends. A student who committed suicide. Another who jumped from the terrace. A girl who cut her wrists. A boy who drank poison. A college built on an ancient burial ground. All the stories carry the theme of death and disturbed spirits. These tales are then told and retold for as long as the campus exists. With every batch of fresh students, the stories are renewed and spiced up what is now a sort of informal initiation ritual, one that unites all the students in their fear of the unknown.

Catch has compiled a list of personal accounts from students from four college campuses across India. These accounts, posted on Quora and Facebook, have been reproduced from the original post:

1. IIT BHU, Varanasi

"The one that is most talked about is the ghost of Vishwakarma hostel. The hostel does not spook you at all neither the ghost unless you have a live encounter.

The Development

People say that there was an M.Tech student residing in the hostel who committed suicide, hanging from the ceiling fan. That happened when the other occupants had left on a vacation and the body was recovered after a long time. The condition was such that due to decaying flesh, it had resulted in a strained neck which resulted in lengthening of the body height up to seven feet.

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The Sightings

Now there had been several instances when people have seen this ghost.The ghost was very tall in appearance and the strained neck was clearly visible. He would silently walk out of the well in fields of the hostel and continued towards the gates of the hostel and then disappeared in the agricultural fields in front of the hostel. Leaving the inmates terrified even though it seemed harmless. This was reported by the students as well as the staff and people were afraid to tread near the well even during daytime.

The Suppression

When several sightings were reported the warden held several poojas at the temple near the hostel and after that there were no more sightings. Even till this day some seniors claim hearing a scream coming from a dilapidated structure near that temple while coming to the hostel during late hours.


The story above is based on rumors collected from several seniors and staff and i have no idea about the timeline of the suicide.

- Deepak K Singh's account from Quora

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2. NIT Durgapur

"The one I remember from from my time in NIT Durgapur is about the OMR (Old Matron's room) in Hall 7. When I was studying there, the four girls, who were allotted that room in my batch all moved out in the very first semester. None of them ever told us why.

After they moved out, the room remained unallocated when our juniors came in, despite the shortage of rooms resulting in them having to cram in five and sometimes six in a room in their year. This sequence of events made me wonder if the story I had heard from my senior who had previously lived in that room for one semester was true. I will try to reproduce her story here, to extent my memory serves me. Pardon me if some details are off.

"K (the senior who told me the story) and B had been allotted the OMR in their 2nd semester. K's parents lived nearby in Kalyani and thus she would often go home over the weekend. B who was from a distant place and would stay in the room alone during those weekends. K and B also were in different sections and thus had slightly different class timings and off periods.

"The OMR comprised of 2 small rooms, one was the inner room where K and B had placed their beds, and the outer room with the bathroom attached where they had placed their cupboards, desks and chairs. B was very academically inclined and liked to study on her bed with all her books and notes spread out. One summer weekend afternoon, when B was asleep in the inner room, she heard K call to her, calling her name repeatedly and asking her to open the door. B woke up and was about to rise from the bed when she realized that K was not in town. She had gone home for the weekend!

"B panicked a bit but ignored the incident, passing it off as a dream despite it being very clearly real to her. She also felt that this (hearing K's voice when she wasn't around) may have happened a couple of times. She did however mention the incident to K.

"A few weeks later, K and B were sleeping in the room when they heard knocking on the inner door in the night. K realized that they had locked the outer door which meant that no one could have possible been knocking on the inner door. They both spent a very sleepless night. B started to avoid sleeping in the room alone on weekends when K wasn't around.

"Finally, towards the end of the semester, K happened to be in the room one afternoon during an off period when B was in class. She distinctly heard B's voice calling her name, asking her to open the door. K didn't open the door but was very frightened by the incident.

"The annex attached to Hall 7, right next to the wing that houses the OMR, in NIT Durgapur is also known to have been the site of some very odd incidents. Footsteps in the night, crunching of leaves outside, knocks on the door at odd hours in the night, girls fainting and then not being able to recollect the last 15-20 mins before they fainted, have been reported by many seniors of mine, when they used to live there in their first year. There are several rumors about that particular annex. Perhaps it was a good thing that it was no longer being used to house students when I was studying there."

- Chandrima Das's post Quora

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3. BITS Pilani

Achha hua ki tumne lights on nahi ki

This is not a story but a horrible incident that happened in a girls' hostel of probably BITS pilani. The hostel has double rooms. A girl was studying in her friend's room late night and slept there. When she returned to his room in the morning , she found "Achha hua ki tumne lights on nahi ki"(It's good that you haven't switched on the lights) written on the wall in red. She then remembered that she went to the room in the night for taking the calculator. She took her hand to the switch but didn't on it so as not to disturb her roommate.

Her roommate was murdered already and the murderer was in the room at that time.

Another thing I want to share is that in the girls hostel of IIT Roorkee, one room number (or perhaps a room) is missing, the reason in rumours (maybe a truth) is a suicide case.

- Chirayu Asati's post from Quora

4. St Bede's, Shimla

It was a beautiful moonlit sky. After a great wedding we were supposed to be getting back to our respective places.We were a group of 5 people so we decided to arrange for a car. A taxi at that moment in a place like Shimla was totally out of question moreover it was against our native conscience that didn't allow us to do the same. Me and my friend started walking towards their house at Lakkar Baazar.

Shimla becomes eerie post 9pm and of course we were two young lads with relatively faint hearts. Crossed the Kali Bari Mandir, reached the Scandal Point we could see two faint white figures coming towards us. No matter how hard you try not to think about it, random thoughts keep driving u crazy.

We mustered up courage and still walked uptil there and realized that they were tourists wearing monkey caps loafing around.

We thanked our Gods and crossed the Gaiety Theatre. Incidentally, we were talking about the 2nd edition of a book on ghost stories of Shimla Hills which happened to be written by one of our own family friends.

We reached the friend's house, sneaked in, got the car keys and left for the parking. And as expected the trail to the infamous IGMC car parking was through a eerie dense tree covered area. Since the friend's dad happened to be the HOD of one of the departments at the hospital, he mentioned that ghosts and aberrations were witnessed even in the day. Also we saw few big windows which were the windows of the morgue (place where dead bodies are kept).

Finally we reached the car parking. The car was parked in the darkest corner and the car was a Maruti old edition. We reached the car. The car did not start.. Pushed a little.. Didn't .. Finally after 15 minutes of persistent hardwork we managed to start the car somehow!! We drove till the hotel. Parked it. And it started pouring out of nowhere. Rain was the last thing we'd expected. So we decided to put up there for a while and then leave. The rain stopped and we left.

Out of 4 of us, 3 knew how to drive. So we reached the "Victory Tunnel" from where we decided to go towards "Sanjauli". We drove turn by turn. Another friend was remarkably scared. He didn't trust our driving and at 1 pm in the night everything seemed to be pretty repulsive. The route beyond "Chota Shimla" is a stretch which has a dense forest cover and we had heard stories of women hitchhiking and turning into chudails. And if ignored they start running at the pace of your car. All these stories were narrated to the friend in grand spooky style and he pleaded us to stop.

Short of St. Bede's College comes a turn which has a small water body (bouli). It's known as the Chudail Bouli. We drove through the same spot and reached Sanjauli. Stopped for fuel and returned back on the grid towards main Shimla again. This time, I was on the wheel. Everything was good until we reached the same St. Bede's bend. It was a quite a violent slope. 10 metres short of the Chudail Bouli a thought struck me that "Anything.. but the car shouldn't stop here."

And within the next two seconds the car broke down on a slope it was standing still (with hand brake down). And it just stopped. We were shell shocked. No one knew what to do. Thought of calling for help. No signal on the phone. All random thoughts at once in our mind. We'd realised rather accepted that we were to meet the unknown tonight. My friend got out of the car. We could feel the chill, it was way too cold. (Shimla is generally pleasant during summers).

Looked around. It was as if someone's staring into our souls. Touched the car bonate. It was cold. We'd been driving for more than an hour. It's said that extreme temperatures are experienced where the "presence" of such things are there! We mustered up some courage, tried moving the car. It didn't .

Suddenly it did. All of us quickly got inside. I stepped on the gas crazy... Suddenly we heard another friend scream.

Turned behind behind to see he was half out of the car, screaming for help. "Bhai mujhe koi kheench raha hai .. Bahar .. Mujhe koi kheench raha hai." (Someone is pulling me. Outside. Someone is pulling me.)

We managed to get him in. We reached to see if he was okay. His left ankle had a scratch. Realised his socks were perfect so were his jeans. Then how could this happen?

So we concluded that it definitely was an encounter with something supernatural.

My friend fell ill for a few days immediately after the incident. Got well soon though. There's no scar or anything of the wound which was quite deep.. Weird it was!

-Facebook post titled Ghost Confessions Stories 194

Have you heard of any more stories from these campuses? Do you have a spooky college story of your own to share? Tell us in the comments below.

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