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Petrol, diesel prices soar, here's what it will cost in top cities

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 7 June 2020, 13:38 IST

Fuel prices were last changed on 16th March however some state governments inflated value added tax or cess to bolster their revenues, which dropped during the coronavirus instigated shutdown.

The central government imposes specific excise duty on the two fuels, On 14th March, it mopped up additional Rs 3 per litre from petrol and diesel each to fund its coronavirus relief measures raising total central levies on petrol to Rs 22.98 per litre and Rs 18.83 per litre.

regardless of increase in the central levies, pump price of petrol and diesel were not increased because of a sharp decline in global oil price.

State run oil companies have done away with the practice of everyday revision of the two auto fuel rates since 16th March, making up for their present amd potential inventory losses.

Pump rates of petrol and diesel varies from state to state because of contrast on sales tax or VAT and other local tax.

Rate in top cities:

New Delhi: Petrol Rs 71.86 and diesel Rs 69.99

Gurgaon: Petrol Rs 71.68 and diesel Rs 63.65

Mumbai: Petrol Rs 78.91 and diesel Rs 68.79

Chennai: Petrol Rs 76.07 and diesel Rs 68.74

Hyderabad: Petrol Rs 74.61 and diesel Rs 68.42

Bengaluru: Petrol Rs 74.18 and diesel Rs 66.54

First published: 7 June 2020, 13:38 IST