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Mahatma Gandhi’s great-grandson hits out at Kangana Ranaut for mocking Bapu

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 18 November 2021, 16:10 IST
Tushar Gandhi & Kangana Ranaut

"Turning the other cheek requires more courage than Gandhi-haters can fathom," Tushar Gandhi, who is Mahatma Gandhi’s great-grandson, said in response to Kangana Ranaut who not long ago ridiculed the father of the nation’s idea about non violence.

After creating a row by saying "Independence in 1947 was bheek', the bollywood star picked out on Mahatma Gandhi in a spate of posts on her official Instagram handle and stated that "choose your heroes wisely". She said that offering another cheek gets you "bheek" not freedom.

In one of her posts, Kangana went on to say, "Those are the ones who taught us, 'If someone slaps you offer another cheek for one more slap' and that is how you will get Aazadi. That's not how one gets Aazadi, one can only get bheekh like that. Choose your heroes wisely".

Criticising Kangana Ranaut over what she said about Mahatma Gandhi, Tushar wrote an article entitled 'Turning the other cheek requires more courage than Gandhi-haters can fathom'.

In the article Tushar Gandhi stated, "Those who allege that Gandhians only turn the other cheek and are, therefore, cowards cannot understand the courage required to be so brave. They are incapable of understanding such heroism. But we must not forget."

"To turn the other cheek is not the act of a coward. It takes a lot of courage, and Indians of that time displayed it in abundance. They were all heroes; the cowards were those hanging on to the coattails of their masters, the ones who did not bat an eyelid before submitting pleas for mercy and clemency to the crown for personal benefit," Tushar Gandhi stated.

Furthermore, Tushar went on to say that, "Bapu would welcome being labelled a beggar. For the sake of his nation and its people, he did not mind begging. He applauded being dismissed as a “half-naked fakir” by the British prime minister. Ultimately, the British Crown surrendered to this fakir, who India now dismisses as a beggar".

Tushar Gandhi stated, "...no matter how loud the lies are and how faint the voice of truth seems, truth sustains; lies have to be kept alive with a continuous progression of more lies. Some of the lies being shouted out these days need to be responded to."

Tushar Gandhi also lashed out at Kangana for her comments on Independence in 1947. The actress had stated that "the Independence achieved in 1947 was bheek" and that India attained its freedom in 2014.

Nevertheless, Tushar Gandhi stated that, "It demeans the courage and sacrifice of thousands of freedom fighters".

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First published: 18 November 2021, 16:07 IST