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Snake slithers away with slipper; know hilarious reason here [WATCH]

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 25 November 2022, 13:42 IST

The video showing the snake’s unusual behaviour was shared by Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan on Twitter. The now viral video displays the snake slithering forward and grabbing a slipper near the bushes. It grabs the red slipper in its mouth and is seen making a hasty exit with its head raised up. Meanwhile, women in the background are heard laughing out loud and expressing shock over the reptile’s actions.

Making fun at the raptile, The IFS officer tweeted, “I wonder what this snake will do with that chappal. He got no legs. Unknown location.” Since being shared on Thursday, the clip has amassed more than 1,30,000 views on Twitter.

Here's the video:


While some twitter users came forward with conjectures about the snake’s behaviour, many others came up with funny reactions.

A twitter user commented, “I guess bcoz of the taste or smell of rubber slipper, I have seen if few times. Might be it feels it was his prey!” Another user wrote, “Cinderella – The Serpentine Edition.” A third user commented, “It looks like he’s building something of his own, maybe a fort he looks very pleased with himself, dancing off like that, head way up in the air, practically prancing which that is very hard to do with no legs prancing.”

Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan, who frequently leaves netizens intrigued with amazing wildlife videos, once left users guessing the species of a snake after he shared its picture on Twitter. As he revealed the name in subsequent tweets, he noted that the particular snake species built nests and do not like human presence.

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First published: 25 November 2022, 13:42 IST