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Eww! Man poops in supermarket freezer; know what happens next

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 17 September 2021, 15:46 IST
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It seems like bizarre things happened every day and the Internet is the medium of giving that dose to netizens. Another strange and loathing incident came to light from Oklahoma City’s Crest Foods where a man did some unhygienic and disgusting act. As per media reports, a man defecated in a supermarket’s freezer and left it in the store after covering it with a bag of pizza rolls.

Nobody came to know about his activities in the supermarket until a mother got touched that waste.

The woman named Shirley Wright-Johnson went to the shop for groceries with her children and grabbed the bag of pizza rolls. She left shocked after she held the bag as she felt something squishy underneath. She then, tuned over the bag and saw human waste sticking to the bag and also on her hands now.

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While speaking to News 4 Oklahoma, the woman shared her horrific experience after seeing the human waste on the bag of pizza rolls.

“I was almost in tears, I was upset, and I felt like I was violated, I was disgusted,” said the mother of three. Shirley got hold of herself after making the disgusting discovery and alerted store employees immediately,” Shirley said.

Later, Moore Police Department was alerted about the incident and they confirmed that the feces were of a human. In the CCTV camera, a man was seen going towards the freezer section where he pooped inside one of the coolers before leaving the supermarket. He was even also seen taking pictures of female customers in the store.

Police described the outfit of the man, who was wearing dark jeans and a hoodie with white sneakers. However, he had not been identified yet. Police are hunting for him.

Oklahoma-based Crest Foods have not released any statement on this bizarre incident.

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First published: 17 September 2021, 15:35 IST