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Driver takes impossible u-turn on narrow hillside road; scary video goes viral

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 24 January 2022, 16:58 IST
Screenshot from the viral video

A spine-chilling video has surfaced on the Internet wherein a driver took a complete U-turn on a narrow hillside road. The video is leaving netizens stunned.

In the now-viral video, a blue car can be seen turning around on the road after the driver managed to execute it perfectly.

Notably, the video has resurfaced on social media and it has now become the fodder for meme-makers.

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At certain points in the video, it appears that the car was about to go over the edge, however, the driver was an expert to drove off unscathed.

Watch the Viral Video:

Ever since the video is being reshared on social media, it has grabbed over 1.8 million views. Netizens are applauding the driver for his driving skills.

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However, a different story also surfaced on the Internet after NDTV did a fact check on the viral video.

The video was originally shared in December last year by a YouTube channel called DrivingSkill.


The clip reveals that the car was not driven by an amateur but a professional was demonstrating how to take U-turns on a very narrow road.

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Also, another angle of the video shows that the driver was taking the U-turn at the edge of a cliff. Rather, there was another road that was carefully concealed in the now-viral video.

Watch the real video:


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First published: 24 January 2022, 16:58 IST