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Beware as Monsoon Season Ends: Cobra Takes Shelter in House

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 6 October 2023, 12:04 IST
Cobra hiding inside a shoe

As the monsoon season draws to a close, residents in many regions should remain cautious against unexpected guests seeking shelter from the elements.

A Dangerous Visitor
A recent video shared on social media captured a spine-tingling moment when a cobra found refuge inside a house. The video, posted on Twitter reveals the snake hiding inside a shoe.

Cobra Ready to Strike
The clip shows the cobra reacting aggressively when it realizes it's been discovered. This serves as a stark reminder that during the waning days of the monsoon season, snakes and other wildlife may seek shelter in homes, putting residents at risk.


Stay Safe and Informed

As the monsoon season concludes, it's crucial to remain cautious and informed about potential hazards like this cobra. Always exercise caution when inspecting areas where these creatures might hide, such as shoes, corners, or dark spaces.

Contact Wildlife Authorities

If you come across a snake or any other potentially dangerous wildlife in your home, it's best to contact local wildlife authorities or snake experts to safely remove the animal.

First published: 6 October 2023, 12:04 IST