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Want to call the dead back? Here are 7 ways how you can talk to the ghosts and spirits

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 26 January 2018, 15:52 IST

Calling or at least trying to talk to the people who are dead, ghosts and spirits are one of those things that each and everyone of us must have tried when we are young. The ways through which one can call them are provided on various places but there are few that can be trusted.

Curiosity is something that gives you the strength to do such a thing that involves a lot of courage since sometimes the results can be dangerous. Everyone want to get aware about those mantras and enchantments that can give us a feel of the magic.

Here are a couple of methods (compiled from various places) which might or might not work but there's nothing harm in giving a shot. However, people who have a weak heart should not try it and others can try at their own risk.

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Check out few ways how you can call a spirit:

1. Ouija Board


It is the most common method to call a ghost and comprises of a board that has numbers from 0-9 and alphabets from A-Z written on it. Not only this words like, 'yes', 'no', 'goodbye' along with a plastic heart can also be seen on the board. The person who wants to call the spirit can put his finger on the board as can move it as guided by the spiritual force to get the answers from them.

2. Pentagram


This process is used to call the demons and so is a risky one and should be done only if you are sure about it. A Pentagon is drawn that symbolises the elements along with a circle nine feet across. The circle and the star are used when a larger cerermony needs to be conducted.

3. Crystal Ball


This is a quite common method and that has been seen in various movies as well. In this method a ball made out of crystal is used to see or call the ghost or the spirit that you want to call and the person who is the evoker can listen to the voice or the words of the spirit. The evoker speaks in place of the spirit and the spirit might sometime be caged in a diagram or an image from where it cannot escape without the persmission of the magician.

4. Mirror


This method can be done is well lighted room. Turn off the lights when you have lighted some candles in the room and then wait for the wax to collect. Once there is enough wax, throw all of it on the mirror and sprinkle on the mirror and near you some salt. Once the wax on the mirror is dry, take out a knife and write the name of the type of spirit you want to talk to and then take a kife and put some of your blood on the mirror and now enchant, “Witches corse through time, we are in need of assistance, Oh spirit come, we beckon you. Share your stories, come until the morning light.”

5. Call out a spirit to see or hear it


To do this, you need to think of a deceased person in your family and then you have to call this, “ Spirit show yourself, spirit reveal, spirit come to me so I know you are real! ” You will start hearing or seeing the sprirt now.

6. Call an angel


This is a method in which you can call an angel from Constantine and can be done by lighting a white candle at midnight and then chanting, “oh heavenly creatures of the light, I call to you come to this place now. So mote it be.”

7. Bloody Marry


This is one of the dangerous ways to call a ghost and here is the procedure to do that. Take 2 red candles to your bathroom and put one on the right and the other on the left hand side of the sink and then turn off the light. Turn the tap water on and say loudly, “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary”.

No guarantees given!

First published: 26 January 2018, 15:35 IST