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Revealed: what happens to your body in 60 mins after drinking a can of Coca Cola

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 30 July 2015, 18:42 IST

Did you know what 45 grams of sugar, 45 grams of sodium, some phosphoric acid, caffeine and other ingredients, served in a can of Coca Cola can do to your body? Perhaps not. You may not pay attention to it, but your body is working quite hard to process the much-loved beverage.

Here's an interesting infographic which reveals what a 12-ounce of serving does to you.


Photo: The Renegade Pharmacist

The infographic, created by former UK pharmacist Niraj Naik, also known as the Renegade Pharmacist, reveals what are the effects of Coca Cola on your body.

Now there are a few theories on the internet saying that one can actually use a can of coke to clean toilets.

On his site, Naik writes: "I discovered that a trigger factor for many widespread diseases of the west such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes could be closely linked to the consumption of one particular substance found in many processed foods and drinks - fructose in the form of high fructose corn syrup.

"High fructose corn syrup is found in pretty much all processed foods such as ready meals, fast foods, sweets and fizzy drinks and most people are totally unaware of its danger."

Now that the infographic clearly reveals what Coke can do to your body, one thing is for sure- The picture is not that pretty!

First published: 30 July 2015, 18:42 IST