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#Fail: Restaurant in smoggy China billed customers for 'clean air'

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 14 February 2017, 1:12 IST

In this week's crazy Monday news, we bring you a Chinese restaurant that desperately tried to cash in on the smog that's attached itself to China like a vampire on a mission.

Breathing inside this as yet unnamed restaurant in Zhangjiagang city, Jiangsu Province, could cost you an extra yuan. After buying several air filters for the restaurant to add to the experience of their diners, the restaurant decided to slip in a fee to cover the cost of buying them. Added to a long list of taxes in the food bill, is an air tax amounting to one yuan (approximately Rs 10).



In smog-enveloped China, air purifiers have been selling like hot cakes. As per Amazon, these purifiers can cost anywhere between Rs 1,700 to 29k. But pricey or not, charging customers to cover the cost of breathing clean air was a massively idiotic move.

After several complaints were filed, the local government Price Bureau has reportedly told the restaurant that the air we breath isn't a commodity so they cannot 'sell' it.

The restaurant has apparently told the Bureau that they were unaware of such a stipulation and happened to be under the impression that they can charge for whatever 'services' they offer.

Okay. At least now we know why potato chip companies haven't started filling in those packets with actual wafers. #MysterySolved.


First published: 14 December 2015, 5:48 IST