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Love 'Barbie'? Meet Lady Kerry who spent Rs 9 lakh on surgeries just to look like her

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 20 February 2018, 15:03 IST

People going through expensive surgeries, botox to look young and appealing. These surgeries and insulins are quite popular among celebrities and models but there are some people who love to look like a model too.

Today, meet a lady Kerry who shockingly spent a whopping amount of 9 lakhs on surgeries just to look like a real life barbie doll.

Kerry loves Barbie's style and is crazy to like Barbie so she without thinking twice spent such amount of money. However, Kerry by profession is a model and had a dream to look like Barbie.


She use to hate her nose, however, her parents supported her and she undergone a surgeries. After surgeries, now Kerry is very happy with her new and transformed look.

To look like Barbie, she underwent through breast and waist surgery. Earlier her waist for 28 inches and now, it’s 22.

She had already spent 9 lakhs but still, she spends 400 Euros i.e. 30 thousand every month to maintain her Barbie look. On her nose surgery itself, she spent a huge 35,000.


Kerry is now planning to get lips surgery done and to spend some amount in its fillers too. Every day, she spends around 2 hours in their makeup and outfits.

Looking for our dream self-style is one thing but spending whole of 9 lakhs on surgeries is quite difficult. Will you spend this much money to look like real Barbie?

First published: 20 February 2018, 15:01 IST