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Going viral: Woman turns down prospective groom who could only see his point of view

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 13 September 2016, 19:05 IST

The internet is in an uproar over the screenshot of a woman's conversation with a prospective husband. Karishma Walia, who's working for a large MNC based out of Gurgaon, has become hero and villain for thousands today. All because of a screenshot.

Karishma, who was being set up with prospective grooms by her family, apparently broke things off with a guy because he refused to accommodate her dog. Or at least that's what a majority of web publications would like you to believe.

But read through the chat again - note how the guy begins with his and his parents' expectations and how they weren't met. Karishma talks about how the marraige cannot work because he refuses to let her dog, Lucy, stay with her.

credit: Buzzfeed India

To this, the guy in question asks for a solution and then IMMEDIATELY declared that he doesn't want a dog sharing his personal space - love life he calls it. His objection ends with the matter of his mother not liking dogs in general.

Okay, so where's the solution he was talking about. That's an outright and vehement no.

Karishma, who thankfully is no pushover, reiterates that marriage is out of the question.

Then came the anger at being denied what he and his mother wanted. "I am sorry to say this but please marry the dog in that case," quipped the no-longer-prospective groom.

Why are men not raised to take rejection in India? Why must every no be followed by a ridiculous display of self-righteous anger?

The conversation did not stop there, though. He - a virtual stranger for all intents and purposes - went on to assert that her dog 'cannot' be her top priority. Pets come and go, apparently.

This magical piece of advice was followed by a screenshot of a 'pampered' woman who was granted a divorce because her husband 'was too good'.

Which has approximately zero relevance to the topic at hand, TBH.

The general consensus on the internet is that she dodged a bullet. We agree.

Let's hope that the mumma's boy in question takes some time out to rethink the passive aggressive approach he has towards women.

First published: 13 September 2016, 19:05 IST