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Engineer's Day Special: This Engineer's pledge about studying hard in college is hilarious

Sneha Singh | Updated on: 15 September 2017, 12:49 IST

Today, I got the shock of my life. The reason behind the shock was an engineer friend of mine. When I met my friend he was quite in hurry to attend his first lecture. Now firstly he is in the third year of his engineering and secondly, he is going to be a mechanical engineer. Yes, I was thinking the same thing as you! In which world mechanical engineers attend their first lecture?

So I just asked him, “Aapko kab se lecture attend krne ke jaldi hone lagi, lecture ke 5 min bache hone par class me enter krne wala insane aaj 5 min late hone ko taiyar ni h, majra kya h dude?”. “Why are you in so much hurry”?

He said, “today is engineers day, so we have decided to attend all our classes on time and we won't disturb and distract our professor during the lecture, we will pay rapt attention to every word being said and we will make notes, no chalks will be hurled and no paper planes will be thrown”.

After hearing my friend I rubbed my eyes thrice because I thought I must be dreaming because I found it quite hard to contemplate whether what he said was a dream or reality and decided to take a 15-minute break from our moment to clear my mind. I think I could find a vampire who will fall madly in love with me, but to hear engineering students attending classes is nothing short of a miracle. It is an event whose probability is even lesser than that of Indian football team won FIFA or the Congress coming back to power.

So Indeed today is Engineers Day, and Happy Engineers day to all the Engineers of this world. The Engineers' Day is observed in India every year on 15th September.


First published: 15 September 2017, 11:51 IST