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Durga Puja is also about some hatke pandals: here are 12 that caught our eye

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 22 October 2015, 17:26 IST

Let me tell you right at the outset, Bengalis don't like to play it safe with their pujo pandals. While one would keep it traditional with most other religious festivals, that's not how Durga Puja works. Art is used to compete and how.

Often heard at pujos: "Oh you like that pandal? Wait till you see the one next to my house!"

In such a setting, it is not entirely surprising that some amazing idols are crafted every year. Some, of course, are downright bizarre. Here are some we thought you ought to have a look at before pujo ends.

durgapuja2_Siddharth Bothra

For a dusty country, seems about right. | Photo: Siddharth Bothra


Dancing Durga? | Photo: PTI


Kitna maza aye re, duniya Dairy Milk ki bann jaye re. | Photo: Siddharth Bothra

DurgaPuja5_Ronita Brajabasi

Because dhaak needn't just be about music. | Photo: PTI

DurgaPuja3_Siddharth Bothra

Sri Krishna is Watching. | Photo: PTI


Rama, Rama, much needed drama. | Photo: PTI


Spot Maa Durga. | Photo: Siddharth Bothra

DurgaPuja1_Siddharth Bothra

With some Buddhist tones? | Photo: Siddharth Bothra

DurgaPuja4_Siddharth Bothra

Expecting Hansel and Gretel to show up any moment now. | Photo: Ronita Brajabasi


Everybody loves a grand fortress. | Photo: Ronita Brajabasi


Too many lines to the Goddess? Entertainment on the way. | Photo: PTI

First published: 22 October 2015, 17:26 IST