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Did someone buy Google.com domain for $12? Yep, this guy of Indian origin did

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 13 February 2017, 5:18 IST

Sanmay Ashwin Ved became an overnight sensation due to a simple error by search engine giant and one of the largest companies in the world by valuation, Google. Ved, a student at Babson University in Massachusetts, United States, managed to snag the domain name Google.com for one glorious minute, all for a pittance.

Apparently Ved was whiling his time on Google Domains, when he got Google.com for just $12, and like any sane person would, he went ahead and bought it on his credit card. A minute later, to Ved's disappointment, he received an email saying that his purchase was "cancelled" by Google Domains. This is legal as they own the registration service. Nobody knows as to why Google lost ownership of one of its most coveted domains and why it was available on the open market though.

Ved summarised all that happened in a LinkedIn post titled, "How I Ended Up Purchasing & Owning Google.com via Google Domains.

"It was an oversight on Google's part as all the other domains that they owned were listed as "unavailable". Ved got super lucky with his $12 purchase.Interestingly, Ved is a former employee of Google.

In the LinkedIn post, "Quite clearly, ownership had been granted to me. Order was successful." For that one minute, Ved had access to Webmaster controls. He can proudly say that he was the man that held Google.com domain for a minute.

If you try to purchase Google.com now, it would probably redirect you to Google-Idiots.com for $12. Ha ha, Google. You still don't get the last laugh, sorry.

First published: 3 October 2015, 4:12 IST