Demonetisation: Army man shuts down 'wahan seema par..' argument, internet applauds

Speed News Desk | First published: 29 November 2016, 17:49 IST

Those who cannot do... Talk.

In these times of confused demonetisation, blind politician hero-worship, and gerua-tinted glasses blinding the general world-view of a large section of society, outbursts such as these are but expected. It was about time an army man responded to the "...wahan seema par..." argument that's used any time someone criticises a government policy. You'd think that in a democracy dialogues, debates, and constructive criticism or feedback would be welcome. Sadly though, everytime someone tries to voice their opinion - they're shut down for being anti-nationals. For being unfeeling, uncaring, unsympathetic towards the army guarding our borders against India's enemies by their judgement. Pretty sound logic, obviously.

In light of such inane conversations, this Facebook post by Lieutenant colonel Darshan Dhillon who has given 22 years to the army is a breath of fresh air.

At an ATM queue to withdraw cash recently, Dhillon voiced his displeasure at the mismanagement by the government and was met with the usual seema par logic. Sadly for the gentleman who uttered those words, and happily for the rest of us - Dhillon soundly told him off for turning the army into a 'bhakt-shield'.

Read his complete post - which has gone viral - here:

First published: 29 November 2016, 17:49 IST