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#BJPCountsCondoms, the social media trend that was waiting to happen

Trinaa Prasad | Updated on: 14 February 2017, 5:45 IST

Sound the gongs, the 'condom scam' has arrived. The much discussed #JNURow took a new turn when BJP MLA from Rajasthan's Alwar district Gyandev Ahuja publically declared that he knew exactly how many condoms were used in JNU. How a man from Rajasthan, that too an MLA, is aware of the 'exact number' remained a mystery till social media solved it. It seems, #BJPCountsCondoms.

Gyandev's (#LOL, irony much?) full statement as translated by The Times of India, says:

"More than 10,000 butts of cigarettes and 4,000 pieces of beedis are found. 50,000 big and small pieces of bones are found. 2,000 wrappers of chips and namkeen are found, and so are 3,000 used condoms - the misdeeds they commit with our sisters and daughters there. And 500 used contraceptive injections are also found."

And this ladies and gentlemen is precisely why inculcating good hobbies at a young age is a must. Such a terrible use of the taxpayers money and resources by a public servant. Not to mention the terrible backache that must follow such rigorous counting by the minister and his aides. Because how else do you decide on such precise numbers unless you've overseen the counting personally, right?

While talking about the madness that is the JNU campus, Ahuja said, "students are mostly found taking drugs after 8 pm inside the campus. Those studying in JNU are not children, but parents of two children. They indulge in peace protests in the mornings and during the nights, they perform obscene dance."

Moving on to the deeper problem here: do you think BJP MLA Ahuja has unwittingly uncovered the most unsanskari cult of all time? The red flags are all there, fluttering madly in the saffron haze of unholy anti-nationalism.

Some of these seditious non-children practising safe sex by using exactly 3000 condoms, the others are parents of children. Post 8 pm, the campus lives a frenzied haze of drugs, and indulge in nude dancing. How does all of this not sound like a cult to you? *cough*Eyes Wide Shut*cough*

Pretty sure all that obscene dancing happens around the fire, that there is a full moon ritual involved, and masks and chants are a part of their lives as well. Social media, being slower than we are, hasn't quite reached that conclusion yet but it will. Soon.

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Edited by Aishwarya Yerra

First published: 23 February 2016, 8:34 IST