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10 photos that'll convince you that acrobatic gymnastics is basically magic

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 23 August 2016, 17:45 IST

While artistic and rhythmic gymnasts were busy unhinging our collective jaws this Olympics, acrobatic gymnasts were hanging off poles, balancing on beams and humans and basically being low key magic.

What is requires is a level of sorcery, on-point hand-eye coordination and the ability to move like rubber and be strong like steel. So not much, if you think about it. All one needs to do is keep up with the choreography, and also maybe not drop your partner on his/her face while they're perched on a single leg on your hand. Because that sort of sounds like something that's off-limits.

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Performed to music, in some circles it is believed that acrobatic gymnastics is what happened when yoga, flying and gymnastics met for a drink. Presenting 10 photos in no particular order and in varying shades of brilliant.

Can't even touch toes. Look at them.

Body hurts. Make them stop.

Don't y'all have bones?

Are you scared? I'm scared.

Is she human? Is she a pretzel?

It must be lonely up there no?

What is this sorcery?

Is this much talent legal?

What is that? How is that?

When you're human but you'd rather be a bird

Gymnasts have zero respect for bones, or gravity if you ask us. What is this sorcery, fellas? Also, can normal humans learn? Asking for a friend.


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First published: 23 August 2016, 17:45 IST