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Taliban introduces 38 new members in caretaker govt

News Agencies | Updated on: 6 October 2021, 9:35 IST

Taliban on Monday announced 38 new members of its caretaker government of Afghanistan, in civil and military positions.

The new appointments include a Political Deputy for the Prime Minister, acting Minister for the Ministry of Martyrs and Disabled, deputy ministers and commanders of corps.

The names of Afghanistan's military corps have changed from 209 Shaheen Corps to "Mazar corps" in the new list.

"We hope the new army can defend Afghanistan's territorial integrity and respond to any possible movements by enemies and forces opposed to the current government," said Mohammad Sadeq Shinwari, a former military figure, TOLOnews reported.

The names of some key members of the caretaker cabinet include Political Deputy for Prime Minister- Mawlawi Abdul Kabir, acting Minister for the Ministry of Martyrs and Disabled Affairs- Mullah Abdul Majid, the head of Afghan Red Crescent Society- Mawlawi Muti-ul Haq, Deputy Head of the Red Crescent Society- Mawlawi Nooruddin Turabi, the Commander of Kandahar Corps- Mullah Mehrullah Hemad, the Commander of Kabul Corps- Mawlawi Hamdullah, the Commander of Mazar Corps- Mawlawi Attaullah Omari, TOLOnews reported.

The Taliban took control of Afghanistan in mid-August and announced its caretaker government earlier in September. The US troops left Afghanistan on August 31 under the previously agreed Doha deal with the Taliban last year.


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First published: 6 October 2021, 9:35 IST