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Russia-Ukraine war: Group of Ukrainian men cheer as they take captured Russian tank on joyride [Watch]

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 4 March 2022, 9:28 IST
Russia-Ukraine Conflict (Screenshoot from video shows Ukrainian men taking a captured Russian tank on a joyride )

A group of men in Ukraine’s Kharkiv city recorded a video of themselves driving the captured Russian tank in a snowy field.

‘Glory to Ukraine!’ shouted one man in his native language as he rode on top of the T-80BVM armoured battle tank. ‘We did it’, shouted another as his jubilant friends laughed and cheered in the background.

Here's the video:


After Russia launched an attack on Ukraine, pictures and footages have been surfacing online of seemingly abandoned Russian army vehicles around the invaded nation. Ukrainians claim these were left behind by Russian forces who were captured or fled the war.

Many pictures and videos of charred and destroyed Russian military vehicles, from armoured personnel carriers to tanks, have also surfaced. There have been a handful of reports that “demoralized” Russian forces invading Ukraine have conceded, often without a fight.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s military adviser told news agency Reuters Thursday that over 7,000 Russian troops have been killed since the start of the invasion, while hundreds have been taken prisoner, including senior officers.

According to Ukraine’s defence ministry, Russia has also lost 14 airplanes, eight helicopters, 102 tanks, 536 armed vehicles, 15 heavy machine guns and one BUK missile.

Military experts have gone on record to say that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has come up against unpredicted problem, even as Russian President Vladimir Putin insisted that the war was going as planned.

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First published: 4 March 2022, 9:28 IST