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Pakistan supports international terrorism, as big a threat as Taliban, says Belgian Senator

News Agencies | Updated on: 3 October 2021, 12:50 IST
Filip Dewinter

An event organised at Brussels Press Club highlighted that the re-emergence of the Taliban threatens peace and security of the "whole world" and expressed concern at Pakistan's support to international terrorism.

Filip Dewinter, who is a Belgian Senator highlighted that Pakistan is a terrorist state and supports international terrorism.

"It should also be clear too that Pakistan is a terrorist state and we should not deal with them either. It is as big a threat as the Taliban. Pakistan supports international terrorism. It happened before in the past and it will happen again. We need a complete boycott of Pakistan as it is a terrorist state and tries to destabilise the whole region," EU Political Report said quoting Dewinter.

He even said, "Taliban takeover with the help of Pakistan is big military, terrorist and security threat to the world."

"After the defeat of U.S led forces in the region, we now have new possibilities of radical Muslims travelling from Europe to Syria. This will fuel international terrorism. The Taliban has money, experience and the means to organise these kinds of people. This is a big threat and we should be aware of this threat," said Senator Dewinter.

Dewinter pointed out that the Belgium government should take the Taliban seriously and said, "Dealing with them is a bad thing: we should boycott them as that is the only way to deal with the Taliban. They are a threat for the whole free world and certainly for us Western Europeans."

Junaid Qureshi, who is the Executive Director of European Foundation for South Asian Studies (EFSAS) pointed out that terrorism has risen since the Taliban took over Kabul and said, "The Taliban wants to implement their kind of order but our fear is that this will merely serve to encourage terrorist groups, not only in Pakistan but in Jammu and Kashmir and elsewhere."

Qureshi also looked at the role Pakistan is playing in supporting terrorism.

"The event will shed light on a worrying trend: the fact that terrorism is spreading from this region of Asia (Taliban-led Afghanistan) and is supported by Pakistan. This threatens human rights and civil society in the region and also threatens the stability of the whole world," said EU Political Report quoting Qureshi.

He said such fears were shared by those in Jammu and Kashmir which, he said, was a region where its people wanted to live in "complete harmony".


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First published: 3 October 2021, 12:50 IST