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Pakistan must avoid 'blind trust' of Chinese in Balochistan

News Agencies | Updated on: 22 February 2018, 13:28 IST
Pakistan must avoid 'blind trust' of Chinese in Balochistan (ANI)

The Government of Pakistan needs to remain vigilant about not reposing blind trust in 'friend and partner' China with regard to Beijing's reported attempts to negotiate with Baloch separatists and bring them back into the national mainstream.

An editorial in The Nation has criticized this reported overture by China with Baloch separatists with the objective of protecting its multi-billion projects, saying that if true, it is a matter of concern on many levels.

The daily cites three significant factors why this is not the benefit of Islamabad.

. It questions the fact and right of China to be allowed to hold talks with Baloch separatists in the first place, and suggests that there is a need for clarification on this score.

. If these negotiations between the Chinese and the Baloch separatists has taken place or is taking place, then it is established that parliament has been kept in the dark for years on a matter of utmost national importance, and therefore, its supremacy has been violated. And, any leakage of information regarding this development in the public only indicates there is no difference between a dictatorship and democracy in Pakistan.

. Negotiations between the Chinese and Baloch separatists will be seen as blatant interference in the internal affairs of Pakistan, as also the fact that Beijing has compromised on its principle of non-interference with the sole objective of protecting its infrastructural projects from being stopped or damaged by Baloch separatist attacks.

If China can bring the disgruntled Baloch population back into the national ambit without compromising on Pakistan's territorial integrity and sovereignty, that would be acceptable, says the editorial.

However, it cautions the authorities in Islamabad to be aware of the fact that its current chaotic situation is due to its one time blind trust on the United States for aid, and therefore, would be well advised to avoid a repeat with China

-- ANI

First published: 22 February 2018, 13:28 IST