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Imran Khan government will be sent packing before January says PML(N)

News Agencies | Updated on: 13 October 2020, 8:43 IST

Pakistani Muslim League (Nawaz) [PML(N)] vice president Maryam Nawaz on Monday said that the Prime Minister Imran Khan Government "would go home" before January days before the opposition holds its first power show in a campaign to oust the incumbent government.

The party vice president lashed out at the government saying that the PLM-N hadn't been subjected to "such atrocities" even when retired General Musharaf was in power. "I don't even recognise this a government," she said, as quoted by Geo News. "This government does not deserve to be called a government."

Maryam further hit out at the government for neither being constitutional in spirit and neither did it have any legal basis. She further referred to Khan as a "handpicked" person, she said that he did not care about the people.

"The handpicked one is only concerned with himself and always wants to silence his opponents," she said. "The handpicked one does not concern himself with the masses."

She called the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) as the "need of the hour" adding that it had been established because as a result of pressure from the masses against the measures of those in power.

Maryam further said that there was no division within the party and added that the party president Shahbaz Sharif "had a different approach" which has been the case for a while.

"Shahbaz Sharif is like a father to me, I do not see him any different than my father... There is no rift within the PML-N, the entire party stands behind Nawaz Sharif," she said.

She added, "Shahbaz went to jail because he did not leave his brother alone... The Sharifs have always been on pone page and will continue to remain so. Those who have tried to cause a rift between the Sharif brothers have always tasted failure."

According to Geo News, the party vice president rejected allegations about her father, Nawaz Sharif. "Mian sahab's narrative is exactly the same as Quaid-e-Azam's narrative," she said.

"Asking the questions that Mian sahab has asked does not amount to treason." With regard to returning to Pakistan, she added that he would return once doctors allow him.


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First published: 13 October 2020, 8:43 IST