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Boris Johnson calls COP-26 deal game-changing but 'tinged with disappointment'

News Agencies | Updated on: 15 November 2021, 8:26 IST
Boris Johnson

Despite calling the deal reached at COP-26 a game-changing international pact, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson voiced some dismay over the result of the conference, reported The Hill.

"My delight at this progress is tinged with disappointment," Politico quoted Johnson as saying after his government hosted the COP-26 climate conference in Glasgow. "Those for whom climate change is already a matter of life and death, who can only stand by as their islands are submerged, their farmlands turn to desert, their homes battered by storms -- they demanded a high level of ambition for this summit," Johnson said.

"While many of us were willing to go there, that was not true of everybody. Sadly that is the nature of diplomacy."

The high-profile COP-26 conference began here on October 31 and marked the participation of world leaders joining voices to prevent the world from climate change. The participating countries reached an agreement on Saturday to strengthen their 2030 climate goals before the end of next year.


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First published: 15 November 2021, 8:26 IST