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Bilawal Bhutto heaps scorn on Imran Khan for remark his govt was ill prepared in the beginning

News Agencies | Updated on: 25 December 2020, 8:49 IST

Pakistan Peoples Party Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari on Thursday heaped scorn on Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan over his remark that his government was ill-prepared in the beginning, telling the premier to "go home" if he couldn't provide solutions to people's problems.

Addressing the ceremony of the Malir Expressway project in Karachi, Bilawal said Prime Minister Imran's remarks that his administration was undergoing "training" for a good part of its first year was a "joke" with the country, Dawn reported.

"What was he doing in KP for seven years if he wasn't preparing [for the Centre]? How was the '22-year struggle' that we keep hearing about not helping in the preparation?" he asked, referring to the premier.

Bilawal's remarks come two days after Prime Minister Imran said that never should a new government come to power without doing its homework and without getting briefings.

"When I review my performance, we took three months only to understand [issues as] everything that we had been looking at from outside was altogether different after we came to power.

Bilawal said Imran had promised to "eradicate corruption" in his first 90 days and end the country's difficulties within 100 days. "Now after [nearly] three years, you are saying it was the training? This is a joke with the people of Pakistan," he added.

On Wednesday, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Maryam Nawaz attacked Khan, asking why he assumed office when he was not prepared for the challenges.

Addressing the Pakistan Democratic Movement's (PDM) 'Mehangai March' in Mardan, she said: "Before the election, [the prime minister] used to say that he has a team of 200 fantastic individuals. Where is that 200-person team now?" Dawn reported."Ministers in his cabinet play musical chairs with each other [...] but that 200 person team is nowhere to be seen in Pakistan," she said.


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First published: 25 December 2020, 8:49 IST