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Zakir Naik: Malaysia awaits India's request

News Agencies | Updated on: 13 July 2018, 17:10 IST

Malaysia is waiting for a formal request from the Indian government on controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik's deportation.

Malaysian minister of Human Resource M Kula Segaran on Friday said, "Let the Indian government make the necessary deportation order and we will follow the rule of law, but the bottom line was that the Indian government must make that request".

He further added that "this is the right way of doing things. It is neither right for the government nor one man to decide this matter; it should be decided by law in the courts as they have the duty to dispense justice".

Naik's deportation issue was raised in the Malaysian government's cabinet meeting today, in a statement Segaran said.

This comes a week after the Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad denied deportation of Naik.

Kula Segaran stated that the Attorney General will be consulted on the matter, provided the Indian government makes a request.

Referring to the statement made by the Malaysian Prime Minister, Segaran further said that Tun Mahathir was right in saying that Naik can stay in Malaysia provided he did not do anything wrong or cause unrest.

The minister further added, "I assure the people that when I go to India and if I have the chance to meet the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, I will discuss this matter with him as well."

Zakir Naik is facing probe both in India and Bangladesh after two of the suspects in the terror attack at the Holey Artisan Bakery in Dhaka in July 2016, claimed that they were inspired by Naik's radical preaching. They were staunch followers of Naik on Facebook and on the Peace Television Channel.

The terror attack had left 22 people dead.

The 52-year-old currently holds a permanent residence status in Malaysia, which was confirmed by then Malaysian deputy prime minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi last year.


First published: 13 July 2018, 17:10 IST