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Newspapers from around the world react to Trump being elected POTUS

Manimanjari Sengupta | Updated on: 11 February 2017, 6:41 IST

The unthinkable happened on 9 November 2016. Defying all odds, the United States of America picked Republican candidate Donald Trump to be their 45th President, plunging millions across the world into a state of panic and dread.

Thursday morning saw newspapers from across the world heralding the dawn of a new era, one where "celebrity businessman and political novice", as the Associated Press had dubbed Trump, holds the reins to the American democracy.

Here's how newspapers from across the world reacted to Trump's triumph over Hillary Clinton:

While the likes of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post simply declared Trump's presidency without mincing their words, other publications weren't so forgiving in expressing their shock at the election results.

From invoking the prediction that The Simpsons had made in the year 2000 (and was deemed extremely ridiculous at the time), to dubbing the White House as the House of Horrors, some newspapers did not hold back from expressing exactly how ominous Trump's win could spell.

There were more neutral headlines, letting the world know that a new world order awaits. Trump's victory has the potential to completely change the world as we know it.

A revolution, some dubbed Trump's win.

While the Metro reminded the world that the inevitable awaits, overseas publications did not hold back at all.

Trust the French to say it like it is.

First published: 10 November 2016, 2:18 IST